Uk Games Expo 2015


The weekend just gone I attended my first ever UK Games Expo in Birmingham, at first I was a little skeptical, mainly as I don’t do well in large crowds and tight spaces. I attended with my Girlfriend (Amy) and her Brother, The Minister of Board games (MoB), both who had been the previous year and been playing and into board games a lot longer than I have. We arrived there a little after 10am. This is when the madness started.

Being with them I was going to be meeting a whirlwind of people that I have never met before and playing a bunch of games I have never played before. After meeting up with the MoB’s partner in crime (literally) we headed to open gaming. Me and Amy started off by playing Legendary Encounters. A deck building game based around the Alien franchise, One by one we fell after Amy playing our medic got killed by a chest burster and became a dreaded Alien and she literally wiped us off the board. Amy disappeared off to collect Jacob from the airport as he was coming over to join us from Germany. Me, I stayed for another game of Legendary Encounters. Once Amy returned and another round of introductions were made, we managed to check in to our room. We had decided to go with the Executive suite. We go the queen size bed and full access to the executive lounge (highly recommended).

We headed back down for more gaming, included trying out MoB’s own game of Geek Army (well worth a play!). We hit our first trade hall of the weekend to see what wanders awaited us. I managed to get myself a copy of Dead of Winter. Something I have been wanting to buy for quite a while!! We also tried out a new game created by a friend of Amy’s & MoB’s. A game called Orctions, You play an Orc slave master where you try and collect sets of certain orcs. Once 3 sets have been completed you enter them into a trial by combat. My Orc Frank did well beating off 3 fierce oppenents before falling a proven warrior.

Later that evening we attended The Dark Room, a live action video game hosted by TV’s John Robertson. It was full of comedy and nostalgia. Would suggest you go see it if you get the chance.

After a bit more gaming we called it a night.

Saturday we hit the ground running. After a quick breakfast we hit the trade halls again to see what other feasts we could get our hands on. I managed to grab a few more decks of Lords of War as well as the expansion and a playing Mat. Amy went off to play Luchador whilst I continued to look around the stands, much to her unhappiness as it meant I was unsupervised with my wallet. With this I bought Amy Mysterium as I knew she loved the game and had wanted to own i for a while.

The evening was topped off with more gaming including a game of Riff Raff, the dexterity game of placing small fiddly items on a narrow rocking ship. Safe to say, I sucked at it, I gave everyone a great laugh when trying to place a small barrel on a yard arm, only to twitch and pretty much throw it at the ship.

Safe to say I had a great weekend and met some great people like; Ben, Jacob, Craig, Harry, Elliot, Mike and anyone else that I have missed.

Hit of the event: Riff Raff on the Saturday night, a lighthearted fun game to finish off a hectic night on Saturday.

Miss of the event: Open gaming room and Marque on the Saturday we’re taken over fully by tournaments meaning little space to game.

Thank you to everyone who made it a fantastic Expo. Hope to see you all again soon!


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